Nesting is real 

So it is a well known fact mothers-to-be really should stay calm. Having already come to quickly understand that feelings of loss and resentment are a natural response to being pregnant…I now have another lesson to rapidly learn- all those little things which have annoyed you about your living situation now become huge!

I’m talking about this ridiculous situation I find myself in – baring in mind I’m in my 40s as is my partner! We rent – have done since we moved in together a number of years ago. He earns good money and mine is not to be sniffed at. So why I hear you ask have we not bought something – well that has something to do with said partner wanting to buy his family home and said partner’s parents very much alive and kicking – travelling the world making no moves to actually move, despite three years of “I want to be out of this house by next Christmas” type talk!

Not only do we rent but we rent a cave – there is no light unless you sit on the window sil going up the stairs from the second to the third floor. The stairs on the first to second floor have mirrors artistically arranged to give the illusion of light, but it doesn’t capture any so it just looks like a 70s brothel. Alternatively you can spend time in the main bedroom receiving light from the skylights – just don’t expect a view. And we have been here over 2 years.

Now before you start on at me about how I ought to think about all those people who are homeless, who are stricken by the terrible effects of war – let me remind you – this is my blog, this is my vent about my personal life and this is how my feelings are affecting me.

So how does one deal with this rather sticky situation? I feel like my head is about to explode from living in this light-less building, made all the worse by the constant grey and rain we call summer.

While my partner is convinced his parents will pull finger and miraculously announce their decision to move and hand the family pile to said son, I on the other hand am somewhat dubious and think not.

To make matters worse said partner, who has traveled and lived abroad many times, and is in-fact on holiday as I type, refuses to move from the village/town we live in – even for the time it’s going to take to transfer the family home. Why you ask???  I assume it is because of the pub…

Being the woman I am, I’ve pulled finger and found somewhere else for us, a new home which has lots of windows, is light and airy and oh it has a view, and closer to the pub – but the tenancy is for 12 months, guess what…….. he won’t signup for that long!


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